Watch the Republican Frontrunners Argue Against Raising the Minimum Wage

For me, the most meaningful part of last night’s debate came in the first fifteen minutes, when the three frontrunners were asked about raising the minimum wage. They all argued against it. Donald Trump even argued that wages are too high in America right now.

I’ve already pointed out that these arguments are lies and unfounded threats. Even though the candidates said a lot of untrue things—maybe especially because they said untrue things—it’s important to remember their replies. These clips could likely come in handy later on, if one of these candidates makes it to the general election and tries to convince voters that they care about average Americans. These videos show them arguing the opposite, in their own words.

Al Jazeera’s Gregg Levine, too, debunked the candidate claims in an excellent article that you should read.

Paul Constant

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