Wage Growth, Employment Climb in Washington State

"I cannot tell a lie: our economy is booming.

“I cannot tell a lie: our economy is booming.”

There’s so much good news in this Seattle Times story by Blanca Torres that I encourage you to go read the whole thing. Some highlights:

  • “An ADP index that combines both factors shows the Evergreen State far outpacing any other state in growth during the fourth quarter of 2015 compared with the year-earlier period. Washington earned an index score of 117.9 — topping the national average of 106.8 and other states such as California, 108.7; Texas, 108.8; and New York, 105.4.”
  • “In Washington…employment climbed by 3.7 percent. Much of that came from hiring in construction, information technology, professional services, and leisure and hospitality industries.”
  • “For current full-time employees, wages in Washington were up 5 percent year-over-year during the fourth quarter, compared with 4.1 percent nationally.”
  • This is all great news. And it’s an interesting pattern, for sure. Funny, isn’t it, how when workers have more money to spend, more money is spent? It’s almost as though growth and wages are connected, somehow.

    Paul Constant

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