The Other Washington is podcast back

We’re excited to announce that our podcast, The Other Washington, is coming back for Season 2. In our first episode we interviewed Thomas Frank, the author of Listen, Liberal—and we have quite the conversation. We talk about the failings of the Democratic Party, both electorally and intellectually. Here’s a snippet of what Frank spoke to us about on the episode (which you can listen to here):

…no political faction gives up its grip on power such as this. The Democrats have no state power anymore. The faction that I described in the book still has the … It has the Democratic Party by the throat. There’s no question about it. They are the dominant faction. Nobody is going to give that up on purpose or without a fight. They have to be forced. They have to be challenged the leadership, and they have to lose. That’s easier said than done. You think that a debacle like last November would help to change people’s minds.

For those of you who listened to the podcast last year, you know that we delved into a range of big political ideas and examined how these policies could be practically implemented.

We talked paid sick leave with WA legislators, the $15 minimum wage with a venture capitalist, and secure scheduling with Seattle city council members.

The big ideas will remain, but Season 2 will be a little different in a couple of ways. First off, the frequency of episodes will be weekly as opposed to monthly — a change that will allow us to explore more subjects and react to breaking news and the latest trends in politics — both here in Seattle and Washington state, and also in that other Washington.

We also want to bring in new voices, examine ideas that are new to us, and publicly debate ideas that we don’t all agree on. Our first season was a lecture series where we explained the core of our beliefs. Season 2 puts our beliefs to the test.

Yours truly will now be participating (enjoy my dulcet tones) as will our research associates, Dujie Tahat and Annie Fadely—who are helping us on policy research. At Civic Skunk Works, we believe that more perspectives always lead to better outcomes—and that’s what we hope Season 2 brings.

We’re really excited to get going on this project and we hope you join along. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud or wherever you get your podcast.

Nick Cassella

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