Lindsey Graham endorses Jeb! for president

It is extremely fitting that Lindsey Graham, a painfully slow talker, endorsed “low energy” Jeb Bush for president. The two are both establishment figures that are peddling the type of banal conservatism which doesn’t fit well with the angry conservatism which grips the Republican base.

During his endorsement speech, Graham described Jeb! as “thoughtful and quietly resolved” and applauded him for not trying “to get ahead in a contested primary by embracing demagoguery.” But that is exactly why he will not win the Republican nomination.

As he stood next to Jeb behind a group of old white people, Graham focused almost exclusively on national security and ISIS, barely mentioning the economy and completely evading issues like gay marriage, marijuana, and poverty. What did you expect though? After all, Republicans are trying to make this election about fear and terrorism (as per usual).

But is Jeb Bush the candidate which can stoke those fears most effectively? Absolutely not. He has shown over and over again that his personality and disposition don’t lend themselves to fear-mongering. He’s a technician, a wonk. He’s not made for angry rants or drastic policy proposals. In short, 2016 is not Jeb’s time.

Below, you can watch the full endorsement speech.

Nick Cassella

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