Jeb! thinks the Washington Redskins name is A-OK

Jeb Bush's Official PortraitRemember when Jeb! said that Republicans would have to “lose the primary to win the general” and that American voters are looking for an “uplifting, much more positive message?” Well, that Jeb! has well and truly gone AWOL; over the past two months, he has instead been checking off a list of racial minorities to belittle. I guess he’s found out that to win the primary in 2016, Republican voters are actually looking for racism, hatred, and a dash of white privilege. Go figure.

Today, Jeb! continued this newfound strategy, arguing that the Washington Redskins should not change their name. He added, “Native American tribes generally don’t find it offensive…It’s a sport for crying out loud. It’s a football team…I’m missing something here I guess.”

He was also presumably missing something when he talked about “anchor babies” and then clarified that, lest people think he was referring to Hispanics, that this term was related to “Asian people.” Maybe he was also missing something when he insinuated that Democrats get African Americans to vote for them by offering them “free stuff.” And he was most certainly missing something when he couldn’t tell you “what was on the mind” of the Charleston shooter – you know, that mass murderer who went to a historic black church and yelled, “You rape our women, and you’re taking over the country. And you have to go.”

So, let’s recap. October of 2015 hasn’t even arrived and already Bush has made racist comments towards:

  • Hispanic Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Native Americans
  • African Americans

Keep utilizing that “uplifting” and “positive message,” Jeb!

Nick Cassella

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