Jeb Bush on Oregon Shooting: “Stuff Happens.”


Earlier today in South Carolina, Jeb Bush actually used the phrase “stuff happens” to describe mass shootings. He was trying to explain why America doesn’t need any more gun responsibility laws, but it sure sounded callous:

But everyone makes mistakes. Surely Bush didn’t mean what he said? Well, yes. Yes he did. In fact, he doubled down:

Someone asked President Obama about Bush’s comment, and his response was perfect:

Like everyone else in the entire world, I’ve been unimpressed with Jeb Bush as a campaigner. He’s testy, he’s inarticulate, he’s all stammer and no substance. But I think this might just be the beginning of the end for his campaign. Like President Obama, the American people are sick of hearing the same narrative drop every time a mass shooting happens. And Bush’s frankly bizarre choice to act blasé in the aftermath of a shooting rather than to propose any solution—any solution at all—is perfectly making Obama’s point.

Paul Constant

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