Hillary & Bernie Agree: It’s Time to Give Washington Workers a Raise & Paid Sick Leave

Raise Up Washington had a very good day. The statewide initiative (I-1433), which will be on the ballot in 2016, is composed of two parts: increasing the minimum wage and implementing paid sick leave for all Washingtonian workers.

The wage increase is phased-in over four years, beginning at $11 (2017), $11.50 (2018), $12 (2019), and $13.50 (2020). The measure also allows workers to earn 1 hour paid sick leave for every forty hours worked, so workers can take care of themselves and their family when sick without fear of being fired or losing a day’s wage.

And today, this groundbreaking initiative received the endorsements of both Democratic presidential candidates via Twitter. See for yourself!

Now that’s what you call getting earned media! Sadly, Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted his support yet. Until then, let me take this time to thank Bernie and Hillary for leading on this pressing issue.

Thank you!

Nick Cassella

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