Daily Clips: September 7th, 2016

Government cash handouts won’t help families: Noah Smith takes issue with Tyler Cowen’s policy proposal of “sending people cash” instead of government-mandated paid parental leave. Smith claims that “giving cash is a favorite solution of many economists…but in this case, I see two reasons why paid parental leave is probably better than cash.” His reasons are as follows:

1) “mandated benefits like parental leave tend to distort the economy less than giving people cash” and

2) “if the government mails parents a check instead of mandating that they get time off to spend with their children, the parents may squander the money, instead of staying at home spending quality time with those kids.”

Goldman Sachs bans employees from donating to Trump: I think this headline actually helps Trump convince his supporters that he represents the 99%. So, in other words, Goldman Sachs’ policy seems counterproductive.

The geography of US inequality: Beautiful graphs and analysis from The Upshot.

Why are men leaving the workforce? 

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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