Daily Clips: September 6th, 2016

Construction worker shortage weighs on hot US housing market: After the 2008 financial crisis it was estimated that “30 percent of construction workers [went] into new fields.” Now, with the housing market back in business, homebuilders are having a hard time finding enough labor.

David Brooks lies on health care: Today he wrote a column that attacked Obamacare, because, you know, it’s not like there is a deranged imbecile one election away from being the most powerful man in the world! Brooks also lied by saying that Obamacare’s exchanges “means less coverage.” He’s such a moderate conservative thinker.

How Obama’s economic record stacks up: A nice read with strong explanations of indicators chosen.

Gary Johnson isn’t a viable option for Democrats: 

He is no friend of the Left, no legitimate vessel for carrying forward any kind of progressive political revolution. He remains, at heart, the teenager who thinks economics can be taught in one lesson, and that freedom means protecting the liberty of the propertied.

Think that’s enough of an indictment? Read this:

After inaugurating New Mexico’s use of private prisons, Johnson made it his top political priority to install a school voucher system (an effort that failed because of the legislature’s opposition). He also annulled public employees’ collective-bargaining rights, slashed funding for social programs, reduced taxes for the wealthy, implemented one of the country’s strictest welfare-reform programs, and pushed for harsher sentencing laws.

America’s bars and restaurants are hiring like crazy: Thanks, Obama.

Tweet of the day:

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