Daily Clips: September 2nd, 2016

Your tax money is subsidizing Wall Street bonuses

At a time when Congress claims there isn’t even the money to fund an emergency federal response to the outbreak of the Zika virus in the United states, the top 20 Wall Street firms claimed over $725 million in tax benefits since 2012—enough to fund about 70 percent of the Zika package that failed in the Senate earlier this summer.

Brooks criticizes Donald Trump for running on identity politics

Human beings are too complicated to be defined by skin color, income or citizenship status. Those who try to reduce politics to these identities do real violence to national life.

Where was this condemnation of identity politics thirty years ago, one wonders?

Presidential debate moderators announced: 1) Lester Holt 2)  Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper and 3) Chris Wallace. All in all, a very milquetoast lineup for Donald Trump.

U.S. employers added a modest 151,000 jobs in August; jobless rate remains the same: Not terrible, not great. Both parties can spin this data in self-serving ways.

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Nick Cassella

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