Daily Clips: September 28th, 2016

Complexity theory and evolutionary economics: Complexity economics has a profound influence on the economic theory we espouse here at Civic Skunk Works (seriously – if you ever see Goldy around, ask him about it).

What exactly is complexity economics? Here’s a good primer:

In an evolutionary view, an economy is an “organism” that is constantly developing new industries, technologies, organizations, occupations, and capabilities while at the same time shedding older ones that new technologies and other evolutionary changes make redundant.

Obama nominates first Cuban ambassador in 55 years

Is this the year Arizona turns blue? Great headline, but I say no. For what it’s worth, The Upshot says Trump has a 77% chance of winning AZ.

Thomas Friedman asks great questions:

How do we put in the Oval Office a man who boasts that he tries to pay zero federal taxes but then complains that our airports and roads are falling apart and there is not enough money for our veterans?

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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