Daily Clips: September 28th, 2015

Fox Host confronts Jeb! on his tax plan: In a rather tense interview, Fox host Chris Wallace pointed out that “Bush’s tax plan would, according to his last six years of tax returns, give the former Florida governor a $3 million tax cut” and asked the candidate, “Does Jeb Bush need a $3 million tax cut?”. Wallace was also quick to point out “that his father, George H. W. Bush, called Ronald Reagan’s theory that lower tax rates would spur income growth ‘voodoo economics.'” Jeb was visibly taken aback by these straightforward questions and his answers were, quite frankly, pathetic. This has got to unnerve those within his campaign, because these same (basic) questions are sure to pop again if Jeb! makes it to the general election. You can watch the full exchange below:

Jeb Bush says tax policies of his brother led to dynamic growth: Unfortunately for Jeb!, PolitiFact exists and they looked into one of his statements made in the aforementioned Wallace interview. Here was their final ruling on his claim that the tax policies of his brother “created a dynamic effect of high growth”:

The definition of “high,” of course, is relative, but if you look at the most directly comparable examples — the past five presidents’ records in average, annual, inflation-adjusted growth in gross domestic product — George W. Bush ranked fourth among the five presidents, and trailed the two strongest presidents in this regard, Clinton and Reagan, by a particularly wide margin. (Reagan’s policies included both tax cuts and tax increases.)

The Ben Carson bubble is bursting! It was inevitable, folks. Ben Carson was always a bigot, but his nap-like persona led the American people to believe otherwise. (“He seems so reasonable and thoughtful…and he was a doctor!”) This weekend, CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke with Carson about his views on Muslims, asking hard-hitting questions, but certainly nothing below the belt. After about seven minutes of bulls*** from Carson (“I’m assuming that if you accept all the tenets of Islam that you would have a very difficult time abiding under the Constitution of the United States.”) his campaign manager came in and said, “This interview is over.” So too is his candidacy.

Audi just announced they too have been breaking the emissions rules: After the announcement of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal, Audi probably thought, “Dammit, they’re gonna come for us now.” So they admitted (because they are so moral) that they had also been lying and that “2.1 million of its cars around the world were outfitted with software that enabled them to cheat emissions standards.” But don’t worry, people, justice will be served. In fact, Audi recommended the “immediate suspension” of some employees. Yeah, that’ll teach ‘em.

Nick Cassella

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