Daily Clips: September 23rd, 2015

Hillary Clinton laying down the law.

Hillary Clinton laying down the law.

PolitiFact checks this Hillary statement:  And she’s not lying! PolitiFact noted, “The numbers back up Clinton’s claim since World War II: Of the 49 quarters in recession since 1947, eight occurred under Democrats, while 41 occurred under Republicans.”

Nearly a 1/3 of Iowa GOP wants to criminalize Islam: Of course they do. With such a high percentage of the GOP base hating all things Islam, one can see why Donald Trump and Ben Carson have started to bring anti-Muslim rhetoric into the GOP nomination. The Public Policy Polling report had this great analysis to add:

[Donald Trump is] probably not hurting himself too much with his negativity toward Muslims either – only 49% of Republicans think the religion of Islam should even be legal in the United States with 30% saying it shouldn’t be and 21% not sure. Among Trump voters there is almost even division with 38% thinking Islam should be allowed and 36% that it should not.

Hillary Clinton comes out against the Keystone pipeline: Finally, Clinton has staked out a position on the deeply controversial (and partisan) issue. She’s come out with the right decision as well. “On Tuesday, she ended the game of chicken, offering a terse answer: ‘I oppose it because I don’t think it’s in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change.'” Short, but sweet.

Nick Cassella

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