Daily Clips: September 21st, 2015

Bernie Sanders says top 0.1% in US have almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%: PolitiFact checked out Sanders’ comment and found it to be “Mostly True” – which made me sigh in defeat. How can this be true in 2015?

Colorado’s marijuana tax revenues nearly double last year’s figures: More good news for the legalization movement! (Also, why is it that we always hear about Colorado and not Washington when it comes to legal marijuana? Bummer, man.) The Guardian reports:

Through the first seven months of this year, Colorado has brought in nearly$73.5m, putting the state on pace to collect over $125m for the year.

These incredible (and surprising) numbers make the success of future marijuana ballot initiatives far more likely.

The Pope is coming to town: The highly anticipated arrival of Pope Francis has the US media buzzing. However, his controversial positions on climate change and refugees has angered Congressional Republicans; indeed, some are even considering skipping his address to Congress. The discussion of abortion (especially in the light of the Planned Parenthood stand-off) will be of particular interest.

Obama citizenship push stokes conservative fears: Politico reports that the Obama administration is putting together a “new initiative to nudge 8.8 million legal residents who are eligible for naturalization to become full-fledged citizens — and therefore, eligible to vote.”

These new citizens would most likely vote for Democrats and this reality hasn’t been lost on the Republicans. A paper from the right-wing Eagle Forum warned:

Republicans can never turn liberal-leaning immigrants and their adult children into supporters of limited government faster than the current high level of legal immigration (one million a year) is bringing in new liberal voters,” the report warns.

Nick Cassella

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