Daily Clips: October 9th, 2015

Bernie Sanders, the populist prophet: The New Yorker has a beautifully written feature on the man, the myth, the legend: Bernie Sanders. Margot Tablot has done her research, going to events and interviewing with his avid supporters. This makes for incredible journalism. Take this passage, for instance:

At a recent San Francisco gathering for Sanders, I met Derek Zender, a twenty-three-year-old marketing student. He told me that his parents, who live in Orange County, dismissed Sanders as “a decrepit old socialist who means well but doesn’t understand how the world works.” Zender thought they were overlooking the fact that “many American institutions—Social Security, unions, Medicare, the postal service—have elements of socialism.”

Tablot also describes Sanders’ unique character in refreshing ways:

He tends to sound both doleful and optimistic, like a doctor who has a grave diagnosis to deliver—and no time for small talk—but is convinced that he can help his patient heal.

The Washington Post Editorial Board is PISSED at the House of Representatives: Kevin McCarthy’s retreat from the Speaker of the House election has left the House of Representatives in more chaos. Yes, I did not know that was possible, either. Read what the editorial board had to say about the situation:

Now dysfunction could produce outcomes that would seriously harm the nation and the world, starting with default and shutdown. This isn’t a question of right wing vs. left but of nihilism vs. a willingness to govern.

Perfectly put.

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: About two-thirds of Republicans (66%) say people in the U.S. illegally should be allowed to stay if they meet certain requirements, while 32% say they should not be allowed to stay legally.

America, you’re watching the beginning of the end of the Republican party:

The GOP has become so incestuous it continues to hemorrhage and will die. It cannot adapt because the key consultants it has shaping its future are wedded to the capital that comes from not changing.


Nick Cassella

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