Daily Clips: October 7th, 2015

Bernie Sanders nets his first congressional endorsement: While Bernie can pack stadiums full of supporters, he has had a very difficult time of securing support from his colleagues on Capitol Hill. In fact, up until today Sanders was behind Martin O’Malley on the “endorsement count” – yes, that same O’Malley who basically has zero national support at this time. Bernie’s first congressional endorsement will come from Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, who is a “member Congressional Hispanic Caucus and is expected to help Sanders’ outreach to Latino voters.”

What if the House can’t elect a new speaker? An interesting article from The Atlantic on the internal politics of electing a new Speaker of the House. Front-runner, Kevin McCarthy, needs 218 votes to earn the new position, however it looks like the Tea Party members will do everything they can to not make that happen. As per usual, chaos rules the day in this pathetic branch of government.

Stuff happens to the environment…like climate change:  Thomas Friedman has written a rousing piece on climate change and the danger of completely ignoring the science on this issue. He warns, “The next eight years will be critical for the world’s climate and ecosystems, and if you vote for a climate skeptic for president, you’d better talk to your kids first, because you will have to answer to them later.” Powerful stuff.

Clinton starting to distance herself from Obama: It was inevitable that we would see Clinton distance herself from Obama on certain policies and so far, she has done so admirably. However, she needs to be careful to not completely disavow the president. As the author notes:

Putting distance between herself and the president she used to serve as the nation’s top diplomat has risks, particularly among voters who helped elect Obama and still support him. But Clinton is seeking to chart her own policy agenda — more liberal on many fronts and more hawkish on others — and reassert control of the primary race.

Nick Cassella

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