Daily Clips: October 6th, 2015

Lindsey Graham is a hypocrite when it comes to federal aid: For those of you who do not know, Senator Graham voted against extending federal aid to those states effected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. And wouldn’t you know it, just three years later he has called for an unlimited amount of federal resources to aid his state due to the flooding. In fact, when talking to Wolf Blitzer he completely feigned ignorance on his previous vote, saying, “Anyway, I don’t really recall [voting against Hurricane Sandy aid], but I’d be glad to look and tell you why I did vote no, if I did.” How pathetic. This hack is a supposed to be a Christian and yet he can’t even follow the Golden Rule.

90 percent of Americans want universal background checks on all gun purchases: PolitiFact looked at this statement and rated it “True.” Their analysis is, per usual, excellent and offers this tidbit about Texas’ views on background checks:

And in Texas? A February 2013 University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll of 1,200 Texas voters found 78 percent of respondents somewhat or strongly supporting criminal and mental health background checks for all U.S. gun purchases, including at gun shows and for private sales.

Hillary Clinton just made a Benghazi ad: Kevin McCarthy’s truthful gaffe last week has opened up a new opportunity for Hillary to strike back against the Benghazi committee. Before the Democratic debate on October 13th (and her appearance in front of the House committee on October 22nd), she has released an ad which attacks Republicans for wasting $4.5 million of tax payer money on a partisan adventure. You can watch it here:

America’s fragile Constitution: If you can read one piece on American politics today, I’d recommend this article by Yoni Appelbaum. I warn you: it’s long. But it takes a deep dive into the history of our democracy and the nature of leadership. Like all good written works, it makes you feel uncomfortable and challenges you with new perspectives. A must read.

Nick Cassella

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