Daily Clips: October 4th, 2016

WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman did not support voting rights bill: Representative Luis Moscoso of the WA House of Reps pens a powerful LTE. He is responding to the Everett Herald’s endorsement of Kim Wyman. And boy, does he smack down their claims:

I wish you would have consulted me to validate the facts regarding this comment in your recent editorial:

“…she worked with former Rep. Luis Moscoso, D-Mountlake Terrace, to get the legislation passed in the House this year, though it stalled in the Senate.”

I never worked directly with Wyman in any of the four years I was the prime sponsor of HB 1745, Enacting the Washington voting rights act.

69 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings: This comes from a survey of 5,000 adults. As bad as the economic situation has become, this percentage seems pretty high to me.

British pound hits 31-year-low against US dollar: Of course this happens two years after I graduate from university in the UK.

Not one NY police offers has a body camera: How can this be in 2016? Not one of the department’s 35,800 officers is equipped with this equipment.

Disgusting tweet of the day:


Nick Cassella

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