Daily Clips: October 3rd, 2016

Short-term thinking in corporate America is strangling the economy: 

Surveys of chief financial officers reveal that firms frequently forgo profitable investments in order to make short-term earnings targets.

A crippled SCOTUS’ new term: Today, the Supreme Court begins a new term with a vacancy.

Corporate-tax reform is coming: 

Clinton has been specific only when it comes to stopping companies from inverting: She would impose a stiff exit tax — by tapping the earnings companies have stashed overseas — in hopes they’ll decide against taking a foreign address.

Trump’s most recent plan would end many deductions and slash the top corporate rate to 15 percent. He would cut corporations’ tax burden (and government revenue) by almost $2 trillion over a decade, by one estimate.

Ryan would lower the top rate to 20 percent and move the U.S. toward a tax on consumption with something called a destination-based cash-flow tax, developed by Alan Auerbach of the University of California at Berkeley.

Obama calls for paid sick leave: Again.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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