Daily Clips: October 28th, 2016

Must read on HRC advisor, Neera Tanden: I interned in the Executive Office of the Center for American Progress in the summer of 2014. There, I had the opportunity to meet Neera. She is a remarkably intelligent person. These emails also show she has great political instincts.

Where has “good” conservatism gone? A David Brooks article that is actually worth reading! However, his conclusions are…optimistic to say the least:

But I confess I’m insanely optimistic about a conservative rebound. That’s because of an observation the writer Yuval Levin once made: That while most of the crazy progressives are young, most of the crazy conservatives are old. Conservatism is now being led astray by its seniors, but its young people are pretty great.

I guess I fall under the “crazy progressive” label. Vox has put up an excellent rebuttal to Brooks’ piece.

US GDP grows by 2.9% in Q3: Huzzah. That’s the best growth for the US in the last two years.

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Nick Cassella

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