Daily Clips: October 17th, 2016

The Seattle Times endorses a higher minimum wage and paid sick leave: The Editorial Board’s endorsement came as a surprise to many of us here at Civic Skunk Works. Goldy may have even shed a tear (or two). Make no mistake about it: this endorsement is a big win for the minimum wage cause in Washington State. Slowly but surely, the tide is turning.

How Hillary Clinton can put health-care reform back on track: 

The key to a persuasive vision that attracts broad popular support is bringing back the public option—a public plan modeled after Medicare that can serve as a backup and benchmark for private plans. Too often the public option is seen as distinct from the exchanges. Yet it’s critical to creating regulated marketplaces that work.

Democrats need the Senate: With HRC looking like she will be the next POTUS, all eyes should turn to Senate races. If HRC is to have any success in implementing her “agenda,” she will need a Democratic Senate. As this article points out, the battles to watch are in Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Missouri and Indiana.

Millions of men are missing from the workplace: Princeton economist, Alan Krueger, has a working paper that examines the increasing amount of American men who are unemployed and addicted to painkillers.

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