Daily Clips: November 4th, 2015

Voters say yes to Seattle’s big ask for transportation: At this point in time, 56.5 percent of Seattle voters approved of Proposition 1, which would spend $930 million over nine years “on streets, safety, transit and pedestrian and bicycling routes.”

Mayor Ed Murray campaigned hard for this plan and told campaign supporters that because of Prop 1’s passage “Seattle will get moving again.”

Seattle’s campaign finance reform wins; first in country: It appears the voters of Seattle read our endorsement of Initiative I-122! According to the Seattle Times, I-122 “took a 20 percentage-point lead in first-day returns, which makes Seattle the nation’s first jurisdiction to try taxpayer-funded “democracy vouchers.”

Woman called 911 on  man carrying rifle. Dispatch told her open carry allowed it. He then killed 3 people: Infuriating. A top comment on Reddit reads: “If she wanted the police to respond then she should have said “a black man carrying a rifle.” The cops would be there in 2 secs.” Which leads me to the next headline…

Half of black millennials know victim of police violence: And these results were brought together over the past decade, well before the “Black Lives Matter” movement started. In a 2009 survey, 54.4 percent of black millennials answered yes to “Have you or anyone you know experience harassment or violence at the hands of police?”

In comparison, only one-third of white millennials said yes.


Nick Cassella

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