Daily Clips: November 29, 2016

Tina Podlodowski (a friend of Skunk Works) has said that she is “seriously considering” running for the Democratic state party chair position.

Justin Miller over at American Prospect has a terrific piece on trickle-downer, Andy Puzder. The CEO is a vocal critic of any increase to the minimum wage.

It’s almost like if you give someone the permission to kill another, they will.

Corporate profits also continued to rebound in the 3Q.

The development of finance reveals the progressive displacement of market coordination by planning. Capitalism means production for profit; but in concrete reality profit criteria are always subordinate to financial criteria. The judgment of the market has force only insofar as it is executed by finance. The world is full of businesses whose revenues exceed their costs, but are forced to scale back or shut down because of the financial claims against them. The world is also full of businesses that operate for years, or indefinitely, with costs in excess of their revenues, thanks to their access to finance. And the institutions that make these financing decisions do so based on their own subjective judgment, constrained ultimately not by some objective criteria of value, but by the terms set by the central bank.


Nick Cassella

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