Daily Clips: November 21, 2016

Having a race-baiting president will not — I repeat, will not — transform into any opportunities for hard-working whites in America, just like the Obama candidacy didn’t deliver any black person from the issues that African-Americans have been facing since long before I was born.

Sure, under President Trump you may have to travel across state borders to get an abortion, but at least now you won’t simmer in Hell for the rest of eternity for doing so. Progress march on!

H-1B visas admit 65,000 foreign workers and another 20,000 graduate student workers every year. The visas are assigned through a lottery, as they are extremely in-demand. Just last year companies filed 236,000 petitions for the 85,000 available visas.

The big problem facing workers, in the US and elsewhere, isn’t competition from immigrants, or from imported goods. It’s the fact that capital is freely mobile and unfettered by any social obligation. So, a profitable plant can be closed down if its owners get a better off elsewhere. Alternatively, the threat of a move can be used to bargain down wages.

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Nick Cassella

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