Daily Clips: November 20th, 2015

Governor Jay Inslee’s NYT piece on the Syrian Refugees: A must read.

People are right to be angry and hurting because 129 innocent people who thought they were safe were slaughtered in Paris. But we cannot condemn all Syrians or all Muslims for those heinous acts. America has been victimized by domestic and foreign terrorists. The blame for those acts should be with the radicals who committed them, not any religion, race or country of origin.

I don’t deny or condemn the fear that has swelled since the Paris attacks. But fear can be overcome. We can take a deep breath, stand up straight and make a realistic assessment of risk. And we can’t forget the times we have been tested, both when we’ve failed and when we’ve succeeded.

Donald Trump and his Muslim database: Oh, look: you’re more likely to be xenophobic if you’re Christian! Let’s not forget this chart as we point blame at Trump. It’s sad to say, but he is merely promoting the viewpoints of the vast majority of the GOP base.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.31.23 AM

Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made  people lazy. They didn’t. A fascinating read which should be useful, as you argue with your conservative uncle this Thanksgiving.

Nick Cassella

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