Daily Clips: November 15th, 2016

I remember watching the PBS News Hour with my grandparents and parents at a very young age. I remember being amazed at how sophisticated the conversation seemed. I remember really liking Jim Lehrer and his monotone drawls. I remember loving Gwen Ifill. She was a soft-spoken, yet critical reporter. I will miss her.

Andrew Sullivan…take a bow. A sobering read that simultaneously inspires and dampens the spirits of those against Trump.

Horrifying. It’s only going to get worse.

Here’s the likelier explanation for Trump’s overall underperformance: the Puget Sound is doing pretty well economically right now. A poll earlier this year by Strategies360 showed that King County residents say, by an over two-to-one margin, that they’re happy with the direction of Washington State. Compare that to recent national polls that show Americans think the country is on the wrong track by the same margin.

Robert Reich and Thomas Frank have been banging this drum for awhile. Their arguments are sound and convincing.

It is cities that can, perhaps, find a way to allow black and white to join in opposition to monopoly power rather than, by setting them against one another, assure its consolidation. It is in cities where Martin Luther King, at the end of his life, devoted himself to the pursuit of racial justice for both blacks and whites in his Operation Breadbasket. That must be the model.

Nick Cassella

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