Daily Clips: November 14th, 2016

After last week’s disastrous federal results, I failed to publish any clips. In truth, I failed to do anything of consequence all week. He Who Must Not Be Named is now my president. That stings. Consequently, I will do everything in my power to¬†not link to stories about him or his alt-right buddies. It’s just too painful for me at this point in time.

Excellent discussion over at the political blog, Crooked Timber. The author takes issue with the claim that “liberal progressivism” has held a hegemonic grip on society for thirty years. He even throws in some Rawlsian terms, which got me excited.

No. What a terrible hot take.

Contract talks remain deadlocked over health-care benefits. Another example of greedy workers ruining capitalism!

But electing individual progressives does little to change the broad dynamics of American politics or American capitalism. In fact, it can create a kind of placebo effect: sustaining the illusion of forward motion while obscuring the fact that neither party is structurally built to reflect working-class interests.

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