Daily Clips: May 5th, 2016

Rule on arbitration would restore right to sue banks: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is “unveiling a proposed rule on Thursday that would restore customers’ rights to bring class-action lawsuits against financial firms, giving Americans major new protections and delivering a serious blow to Wall Street that could cost the industry billions of dollars.”

Thankfully, the proposed rule doesn’t need congressional approval, so it seems certain that this will become law.

Democrats are built to win in 2016: According to Peter Beinart at the Atlantic, “the party’s current iteration is tailor-made to defeat xenophobia and take down Donald Trump.”

He goes onto analyze why “since 2004, Americans who exhibit higher levels of ‘racial resentment’ have moved toward the GOP and those who exhibit lower levels have moved toward the Democrats.”

National prayer day is not secular: The US is not a Christian nation. If you think we are because a majority of our people are Christian, then by that logic we should also be called a white nation. Don’t fool yourselves.

Tweet of the day: Just another day in Washington State.

Nick Cassella

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