Daily Clips: May 3rd, 2016

David Brooks blames inequality on “choice explosion” in America: Brooks actually says: “the choice explosion has contributed to widening inequality.”

He’s never written an article lamenting the structural forces which hold so many Americans back. But boy does he place all the blame on individuals in this article! Absolute blindness to the actual issues at play.

Bernie Sanders’ gift to his party: The New York Times editorial board has a sterling piece today on Bernie’s influence. Here’s my favorite paragraph:

Mr. Sanders has exposed a broad vein of discontent that Democrats cannot ignore. Predictions that Mr. Sanders’s supporters could migrate to Donald Trump in the fall are overstated, despite Mr. Trump’s cynical efforts to woo them. It’s more likely that some simply won’t vote. Mrs. Clinton is betting that many Democrats will be motivated to get to the polls if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee. But to truly unify the party, Mrs. Clinton and party leaders must work to incorporate Mr. Sanders and what he stands for in the party’s approach to the general election. It would also help to acknowledge that the party has strayed at times from its more aspirational path.

Democracies end when they are too democratic: So says Andrew Sullivan in a thought provoking column on the state of American politics. There’s much to disagree with, but it’s at the very least well researched and incredibly argued.

 Tweet of the day:

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