Daily Clips: May 31st, 2016

A basic income is smarter than a minimum wage: It really is remarkable how quickly basic income has ascended the policy ranks. While it has academic cover from both the right and left, the very idea of unconditionally giving money to citizens seems so much more revolutionary than the concept of a minimum wage.

The author here notes how basic income has a “libertarian flavor”:

By guaranteeing basic survival, a government provides a service as necessary as, say, policing the streets or fighting off foreign enemies. At the same time, once this service is provided, the government can get out of trying to regulate the labor market: Its goal of keeping people fed and clothed is already achieved.

In one sense, a basic income provides a negative form of liberty (in that there is no interference needed post-basic income), but in order to allow for no interference it requires a positive form of liberty (giving citizens money with no conditions). It’s a very interesting relationship, that makes the future of this policy choice extremely important to monitor.

Democrats have more work to do with Latinos than you may think: An informative piece on naturalizations and voter turnout from Vox. 

German unemployment falls to record low in May: I usually don’t cover international news in these clips, but I saw this headline and thought it was worth sharing. Did you know that the German unemployment rate is at 6.1%, its lowest level since 1990? I didn’t.

US struggles with goal of admitting 10,000 Syrians: To put that pathetic number in perspective, Australia (a country with a little over 20 million people) is admitting 12,000 Syrians.

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