Daily Clips: May 24th, 2016

Why is Clinton disliked: In his latest column, David Brooks asks the very fair question: Why is Hillary Clinton disliked as much as a raving bigot?

Honestly, I haven’t devoted a lot of thinking to this subject. Like gravity, I just assume its presence. Hillary is despised by a large portion of our body politic. Certainly there has been a concerted right-wing effort to make her sound like the anti-Christ, but even outside of Fox News, many liberals do not care for her at all.

Brooks makes a cogent point when he asks, “Can you tell me what Hillary Clinton does for fun?”

I certainly can’t. I know Bill Clinton loved McDonalds and jogging with excessively short shorts. I know that Barack Obama probably craves cigarettes and enjoys a game of golf. But what about Hillary? Outside of her professional domain, she doesn’t really let anyone into her personal life.

Obviously, this is not the only reason why people find her “untrustworthy” or “dishonest,” but Brooks’ point does have serious merit, in my opinion.

US new home sales race to eight-year high: While that sounds great on face value, remember that everyone’s paychecks have actually lost value since 2007.

Americans in small towns and rural communities are dramatically less likely to start new businesses than they have been in the past, an unprecedented trend that jeopardizes the economic future of vast swaths of the country.

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