Daily Clips: May 24, 2017

Economists say Trump’s budget proposal doesn’t add up

Thomas Friedman takes a road trip through “rusting and rising America”

The big divide in America is not between the coasts and the interior. It’s between strong communities and weak communities. You can find weak ones along the coast and thriving ones in Appalachia, and vice versa. It’s community, stupid — not geography.

The communities that are making it share a key attribute: They’ve created diverse adaptive coalitions, where local businesses get deeply involved in the school system, translating in real time the skills being demanded by the global economy.

They also tap local colleges for talent and innovations that can diversify their economies and nurture unique local assets that won’t go away. Local foundations and civic groups step in to fund supplemental learning opportunities and internships, and local governments help to catalyze it all.

The dumb accounting error at the heart of Trump’s budget

The U.S. wins the G7 unemployment-improvement race

Voters in Washington hated both Trump and Clinton more than in any other state

Nick Cassella

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