Daily Clips: May 17, 2017

Trump is above the law, for now–but not the people

More Republicans back independent probe

Welcome to the ‘War On Drugs,’ Redux

The broken promise of higher education

That millions of students have dropped out of college, often unable to pay back their student loans, is more than just a college-completion crisis. It is also an upending of the promise of higher education: to students, that they can educate their way into economic stability, and to citizens, that higher education will spur economic growth and a stronger nation. Instead, voters see students left to go it alone, navigating an unfamiliar and challenging world while forgoing a paycheck, taking on thousands in debt to cover the costs, and often moving back in with their parents to survive.

Hannity and Fox News are in full meltdown over Trump’s Comey scandal

No more holding that phone while driving under new law in Washington

Seattle could be first city to give heroin users ‘safe spaces’

Nick Cassella

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