Daily Clips: May 11th, 2016

Should the middle class fear the world’s poor? A nuanced article that looks at recent research on globalization and its affect on the middle class of Western nations. Very worthy of your time.

Trump surges in new national poll: The worst way to wake up.

Thomas Friedman on the foreign policy goals of the next POTUS: The column is littered with some dubious fear-mongering (“These suicidal jihadist-nihilists are not trying to win; they just want to make us lose.”), but for the most part Friedman’s take on world affairs is accurate. He also takes a few shots at Obama’s foreign policy “victory lap” – which is unexpected.

Hillary Clinton wants to let people buy in to Medicare: What does that exactly mean?

People who don’t get health insurance through their job and earn too much to qualify for Medicaid could buy insurance from the government rather than from a private company. In the public option scenario, the government insurer would have a new name and would be open to people of all ages. In the Medicare buy-in scenario the government insurer would be called “Medicare” and access to it would be limited by age. Clinton spoke specifically of “people 55 or 50 and up,” which is broader than the 55 and up that was considered by the Senate back in 2009.

Bernie’s response is, well, very Bernie-esque – and by that I mean valid:

Secretary Clinton’s proposal to let the American people buy into Medicare is a step in the right direction, but just like her support for a $12 minimum wage, it is not good enough.

Nick Cassella

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