Daily Clips: March 8, 2017

How to beat the robots: Terrific article in NYT. Here’s a paragraph I particularly enjoyed

The problem, at least for now, is not that there isn’t enough work — there is, but it is very different from the kind of work technology is displacing. Manufacturing and warehousing jobs are shrinking, while jobs that provide services (health care, child care, elder care, education, food) are growing. “We are far from the end of work, but face a big challenge redeploying people toward addressing our society’s very real needs,” Mr. Brynjolfsson said.

The GOP’s plan is basically a $600 billion tax cut for rich Americans: We live in a very troubling time. But…

AARP comes out against House GOP health care bill: At least we have old people on our side!

The Republicans’ $370 billion cut to Medicaid:

According to a new estimate, the House Republican health plan could lead to $370 billion in lost federal support for Medicaid over the next decade. Unless states came up with that money themselves—and the fair assumption is that they wouldn’t—millions of low-income people would lose their coverage.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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