Daily Clips: March 7th, 2016

The Democratic debate on Sunday was an orgy of protectionist rhetoric: So says Daniel Drezner, who pointed out that Sanders is “campaigning on Two Big Lies about the global political economy.” Let’s examine them.

1. Sanders’ first lie “is that he thinks trade protectionism will trigger a massive inflow of manufacturing jobs, n most of those jobs have disappeared from the face of the Earth.”

2. Sanders’ second lie “is that he pretends that there would be no foreign policy consequences from a US shift back to the days of Smoot-Hawley.” By this he means, how can Sanders simultaneously erect high trade barriers and persuade the rest of the world to cooperate on tackling climate change?

These are extremely fair critiques of Sanders’ economic positions.

Both Donald Trump and Mitt Romney are talking economic nonsense: Paul Krugman doesn’t mince his words in this column. He takes a critical look at the economic policy disagreements between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. If you remember from last week’s speech, Mitt warned the nation that America would “sink into prolonged recession” if Trump became POTUS.

Krugman finds this a hysterical declaration, 1) because Mitt Romney was “saying almost exactly the same thing Mr Trump is saying now” when he was running for POTUS and 2) Romney loved the endorsement of Trump four years ago.

The NRA is not doing Bernie Sanders any favors: Ugh, that’s not an endorsement you want.

Nick Cassella

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