Daily Clips: March 4th, 2016

A GREAT US JOBS REPORT: What wonderful news to wake up to.

The government reported on Friday that employers added 242,000 workers in February, a hefty increase that highlighted the labor market’s steady gains at a time when anxiety about the economy was registering on Wall Street and at campaign rallies around the country.

This is really big news. These two graphics (provided by those liberals over at NYT) illustrate the steady progress of our economy post-2008.

Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama

It was not all good news, however. Unfortunately, “wages fell by 0.1 percent in February, a disappointing showing after the 0.5 percent increase in January, resulting in a 2.2 percent bump in the yearly rise.” Expect the Democratic nominee to talk non-stop about the need for higher wages.

Just when you thought the GOP race had hit rock bottom: 

Where the f*** were you six months ago, Frank?! And he wasn’t alone. Where was Mitt? Or Rubio? Or McCain?

Tweet of the day:

This morning, Hillary took to Twitter and voiced her support for Initiative 1433, which would increase the state’s minimum wage to $13.50 (by 2020) and ensure paid sick leave for all Washington employees.

Nick Cassella

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