Daily Clips: March 30th, 2016

ACA’s newest policy holders are sicker and costlier: Good thing they have health care now.

Kansas tried tax cuts. Its neighbor didn’t. Guess which one worked? As many of you know, Kansas Governor Brownback is big a trickle down proponent. After he promised 25,000 jobs a year after enacting extensive tax cuts, “Kansas actually lost 5,400 jobs over the 12 months ending in February.”

Vermont could change the marijuana legalization movement: Up until now, all of the states which have legalized marijuana have done so via the ballot. Vermont is looking like it could be the first state to buck this trend.

Here are some interesting differences between Vermont’s approach and Washington State:

There are a few other ways Vermont’s bill stands out: After watching Colorado struggle with how to regulate edibles, Vermont won’t be legalizing those at all. Lawmakers also resisted marijuana advocates’ lobbying to allow people to grow marijuana plants in their own homes. And if you want to invest in one of Vermont’s marijuana stores, you’ll have to move to the state and become a resident; no out-of-state funding is allowed.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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