Daily Clips: March 25th, 2016

This is what political revolution really looks like:  “To refocus our political system on the people, we need a sustained effort to revitalize our democracy. We need to significantly expand participation.”

Polls suggest that Trump is the worst, not the best, general election candidate for Republicans: Donald Trump loves to repeat that he would beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, but does the data back up that claim?

The answer is no.

In fact, “both Clinton and Sanders are starting to beat Trump by a lot. The reply from Trump fans is predictable…Trump will turn out more independents and Democrats! they’ll say. Whether those fans know it or not, that argument hinges on the idea that the turnout in November will be hard to predict and that current pollster modelling is wrong. But it’s worth remembering that these polls include Democrats and independents that Trump will supposedly woo.

Consumers prop up US economy, but profits under pressure: “U.S. economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter, but not as sharply as previously estimated, with fairly strong consumer spending offsetting the drag from efforts by businesses to reduce an inventory overhang.”

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Nick Cassella

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