Daily Clips: March 20, 2017

Taking a scalpel to Medicaid: One of Obamacare’s “greatest achievements was the expansion of Medicaid,” writes Gabrielle Gurley in the American Prospect. Medicaid covers about 20 percent of Americans (more than Medicare). In 2016, “nearly 74 million Americans received Medicaid coverage.”

Cory Booker’s opening speech at SXSW Conference: Get to know your 2020 Democratic candidate! (Seriously though, doesn’t it feel like he’s going to be the choice of the Democratic Party? Not saying I would like that…)

Neil Gorsuch’s “natural law” philosophy is a long way from Justice Scalia’s originalism:

It is also time to stop pretending that Supreme Court justices can decide hard cases without reference to their views about what a cohesive and defensible American moral philosophy looks like. The sooner we stop pretending, the sooner we can face up to the fact that the decisive disagreements on the Supreme Court look more like the conservative-versus-liberal disagreements between a Gorsuch and a Dworkin than they do the “neutral arbiter”-versus-“activist judge” disagreements that we are likely to hear about this week.

What if sociologists had as much influence as economists?

And trying to solve social problems is a more complex undertaking than working to improve economic outcomes. It’s relatively clear how a change in tax policy or an adjustment to interest rates can make the economy grow faster or slower. It’s less obvious what, if anything, government can do to change forces that are driven by the human psyche.

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