Daily Clips: March 17, 2017

Sean Hannity once pulled a gun on Juan Williams: You cannot make this up. The man is truly odd.

The wrong way to lower health-insurance premiums:

For proponents of the American Health Care Act, perhaps the most encouraging nugget in the Congressional Budget Office’s otherwise critical analysis is that insurance premiums could fall by 10 percent on average by 2026. Even this prediction is more mirage than reality, however, in part because of an obscure concept known as “actuarial value.”

David Brooks thinks highly of Steve Bannon…seriously:

Back in the good old days — like two months ago — it was fun to watch Bannon operate. He was the guy with a coherent governing philosophy. He seemed to have realized that the two major party establishments had abandoned the working class. He also seemed to have realized that the 21st-century political debate is not big versus small government, it’s open versus closed.

Bannon had the opportunity to realign American politics around the social, cultural and economic concerns of the working class. Erect barriers to keep out aliens from abroad, and shift money from the rich to the working class to create economic security at home.

15-an-hour minimum wage in California? Plan has some worried: How original.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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