Daily Clips: March 15, 2017

Ready to Run? Overwhelming interest in seminar for women who want to seek office

No, we don’t need higher interest rates:

Why does the financial community want higher interest rates? So that banks and other creditors can make more money, of course. And to head off inflation that for the moment is mostly imaginary. And to keep down worker pressure for higher wages. Just what you’d expect of financial elites.

What suddenly lit a fire under the Fed? A bubbly market?

Monitoring wages for signs of nascent inflationary pressure is a classic case of rearview-mirror forecasting. (Prices lead wages, not the other way around.) That’s why the Fed would do us all a favor if it discarded some of the platitudes and used Wednesday’s statement to outline its strategy, not just its goals.

We know the Fed is going to raise rates. We just aren’t sure what changed in a short period of time to create a sense of urgency.

Only 24% of voters support GOP health care plan: 49% oppose it.

Steve King says racist things because he knows the GOP won’t call him out on it

Tweet of the day:


Nick Cassella

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