Daily Clips: March 14th, 2016

Tweet of the day: Marco Rubio sounds like a really, really nice guy. Christian values and all.

The hard power of “soft” voter-ID laws: “States are passing special measures to head off attacks on the constitutionality of strict voter-identification requirements. But such measures are often just as disenfranchising as the laws they shield.”

Progressives also have an identity crisis on their hands: “The strength of Bernie Sanders’s challenge to Hillary Clinton from the left, like the radicalization of American conservatism, is a symptom of the decay of a moderate brand of progressivism that rose in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president and Tony Blair was Britain’s prime minister. Its ideology was rooted in a belief that capitalism would deliver the economic goods and could be balanced by a ‘competent public sector, providing services of quality to the citizen and social protection for those who are vulnerable.'”

Nick Cassella

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