Daily Clips: March 13, 2017

Virginia earns bragging rights — as the best state for illegal gun trafficking:

“Virginia had a law on the books for 19 years limiting gun purchases to one a month, but — despite its success in helping to curtail the illicit gun trade and an appeal from Virginia Tech families — it was repealed in 2012. Efforts to restore the limit — as well as enact other common-sense measures that have popular support, such as universal background checks — have been killed by a General Assembly that is captive to the gun lobby. It is way past time for Virginia to come to its senses and plug this gaping hole in the public safety net. Unless, of course, it enjoys the bragging rights of Virginia as a place for gun runners.”

Minimum wage increases being attacked by businesses:

Opponents of raising the minimum wage give various reasons for wanting to change the new wage laws: Voters didn’t realize what they were voting on; some of the ballot initiatives were unconstitutionally pieced together; others would unconstitutionally affect the state budget. But most of the opponents share a common theme: They don’t think raising the minimum wage is, on the whole, beneficial for their state.

Should Seattle tax sugary drinks?

Trump wants faster growth. The Fed isn’t so sure: 

The rate is expected to remain below 1 percent, and interest rates on consumer and business loans will still be remarkably low by historical standards. But the Fed is moving months earlier than markets had expected at the beginning of the year, precisely because the economy appears to be gaining steam.

Paul Ryan being a moron:

Tweet of the day:

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