Daily Clips: March 10th, 2016

Video compilation of Trump protestors being hit and ushered out of events: Well, this is what you get when you incite hatred and contempt. You get your bone-headed supporters sucker punching black people, Secret Service slamming photographers to the ground, and general mayhem.

r/politics is a joke: I am an avid redditor. I spend many hours of my day perusing the website, but I’ve gotten to the point where I simply cannot stand r/politics anymore. It has just become one entire Bernie lovefest. It’s sickening. Whether you like Bernie or not, the fact that 90% of posts are about the mistreatment of Bernie or what a lying scumbag Hillary Clinton is. Give me a break. The moderators of that subreddit have completely lost the plot. For shame.

Who gets the blame for the slowing economy? The New York Times has a (slightly) meandering opinion piece on the state of the economy and why there has been a “drag on growth.” The author, Steven Ratner, says that “governments alone are not to blame; the reasons for the sagging economies are multifarious and jumbled.”

One reason is “depressed consumer spending” as well as “increased saving and growing income inequality, which has pushed more money into the hands of the rich, who are less likely to spend it.”

David Brooks and the depths of the GOP’s delusions: As the author correctly points out, “lost in the fiasco surrounding Donald Trump is that the so-called moderate Republican candidates are almost as bad.” Perfect. He then attacks a favorite target of mine (Brooks) and how he continues to be “in deep denial about the state of his party.”


Nick Cassella

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