Daily Clips: March 1, 2017

The three failures of Trump’s speech: David Frum, a speechwriter for George W. Bush, provides an in-depth analysis of Trump’s completely vague and ridiculous speech. I cannot believe that the media is eating his bullsh** up. Pathetic.

Only 6.6 percent of the cost of Trump’s campaign tax plan goes to cuts for the middle fifth of taxpayers , 47.3 percent goes to the top 1 percent.

The fictitious economy that’s hiding how the economy really works:

If you can make people use a vocabulary and concepts that make it appear that when the 1% gets richer, the whole economy is getting richer – or when GDP goes up, everybody is improving – then the people, the 95% who did not improve their position from 2008 to 2016 somehow can be made to suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. They’ll think, “Gee, it must be my fault. If the whole economy is growing, why am I so worse off? If only we can give more money to the top 5% or the 1%, it’ll all trickle down. We’ve got to cut taxes and help them so they can give me a job because as Trump and other people said, Well, I never met a poor person who gave me a job.”

Graphic of the day:


Nick Cassella

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