Daily Clips: June 9th, 2016

Economists show that boys who grow up around books earn significantly more money as adults: The sample size of this study was quite large, as well – 5,820 European men from across nine countries were examined.

Elizabeth Warren is set to endorse Hillary Clinton: Soon.

Obama’s overtime rule defies Econ 101: So says Noah Smith, who argues that “companies will probably react to overtime by doing both things — cutting base wages, but also substituting more workers for longer hours. Reduced hours for some employees will probably translate into a higher number of jobs throughout society.”

After predicting the effects of the overtime rule, Smith boldly wraps up by claiming, “no one really knows what to expect from overtime rules.”

The super rich start saving super early: A fascinating read on the saving patterns of young, rich people. A study of 700 people found that wealthy individuals were unique in that they “started working and investing in stocks—15 and 25 years old, respectively.”

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Nick Cassella

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