Daily Clips: June 7th, 2016

History will look unfavorably upon Republicans who back Trump: The idealist in me wants to believe that politicians care about the country above personal gain. But that is clearly not the case. Donald Trump has exposed the GOP for what they are: racists or at the very least racist sympathizers. Paul Ryan called Trump’s attacks on the “Mexican” judge as a “textbook definition of a racist comment.” Would that stop him from voting for Trump? Of course not.

Explicit racism has taken over the GOP. Gone are the days of implicit racism modeled through trickle-down budgets. You reap what you sow, Republicans.

Brooks waxes poetic about culture wars: 

The larger culture itself needs to be revived in four distinct ways: We need to be more communal in an age that’s overly individualistic; we need to be more morally minded in an age that’s overly utilitarian; we need to be more spiritually literate in an age that’s overly materialistic; and we need to be more emotionally intelligent in an age that is overly cognitive.

All-knowing David Brooks at his best.

Oil hits 2016 high: Yay?

Elizabeth Warren laying down the law on Dodd-Frank:

Nick Cassella

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