Daily Clips: June 6th, 2016

Love him or hate him, Mitch McConnell is a good politician: In his new book (which all sane people should not purchase), “McConnell comes through as a proud politician whose loyalites with the Republican Party more than a conservative ideology…” As you’d expect, “policy takes a backseat to campaign politics and legislative maneuvering throughout the book.”

In short, he doesn’t have any core principles and only fights for partisan pleasure.

Yellen faces fine balance on Fed rate hike after disappointing May job numbers: US inflation still stubbornly remains below 2 percent.

California’s economy continues to prosper: “The high taxes and ubiquitous regulation critics cite when assailing Golden State government are proving no impediment to business and investment.”

A Hillary Clinton presidency would have large impacts on women: Yglesias puts forward a highly researched piece on governance that is definitely worth your time. Here’s a strong passage:

Women lead different lives than men, and would consequently govern differently if more of them were in office. And the evidence strongly suggests that electing women to high-profile jobs inspires more women to run for and win lower-profile jobs. The presidency isby far the highest-profile job in American politics, meaning a Clinton presidency would likely have a meaningful downstream impact on women’s representation for years to come — with far-reaching ramifications for public policy at both the state and national level.

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Nick Cassella

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