Daily Clips: June 3rd, 2016

The Democratic establishment prevails: So says Molly Ball at the Atlantic. Her argument is very convincing:

It’s not just Hillary Clinton. In down-ballot primaries, the candidates favored by left-wing pressure groups have not prevailed, starting with the Maryland Senate race: Progressives backed the firebrand Donna Edwards, and outside groups spent millions on her behalf, but she lost by a 15-point margin to Chris Van Hollen, a member of House Democratic leadership. An establishment nominee, Kate McGinty, also fended off anti-establishment challengers in Pennsylvania. The populist left failed to field serious primary challengers to other establishment-backed Senate candidates, with the result that the Democrats’ general-election slate across the country consists entirely of party-backed career politicians.

The US economy just got its worst jobs report in years: Gulp. I wonder if companies are slowing their hiring due to the upcoming election. Or is this a “desirable consequence of an economy nearing full employment“?


Paul Ryan’s endorsement of trump is a sad for America: The principled conservative turns out to have no principles. Who would’ve guessed?

Tweet of the day:


Nick Cassella

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